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Birkenhead Institute Old Boys

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2022 Dinner Application

Friday 7th October 2022 (to be Confirmed)

18:30 for 19:30 @ Prenton Golf Club
(to be Confirmed)

The price of the 2022 Annual Dinner has been held at the 2019 price of £35.00. Please complete the Application Form to be found below and return it to me as soon as possible, there are several methods to achieve this. Submit Online, complete form on screen, print it out, and send it to me, or print it out, complete it manually, and send it off to me, address below. In all methods, please remember to pay me ASAP. Payment methods are as follows, Bank Transfer (Preferred), send me a cheque, pay me in cash. If you're overseas, then there is a possibility to use PayPal, but this is likely to be considerably more expensive. Contact me for details.

Any groups of people who wish to be seated on the same table please indicate the names on the form, and I will try to have you on the same table, if there are too many for one table, I will make sure that the tables are adjacent.

Over the last few years we had a interesting innovation, which worked very successfully. Groups of Old Boys organised themselves into table groups before booking the tickets. So, if you are a group of between 8 and 10 Old Boys, who would like to sit together, let me know when booking. This helps me when organising the tables, helps you, sitting with exactly who you want to, and helps the BIOB, by tending to increase members attending. It also increases the odds of a successful evening.

If you're wondering if anyone you know goes to these dinners. Well, we started keeping records on a database in 2013, you can check out the list of attendees here:-

2021 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013

Complete this Application Form with your details and press the "Submit Online" button,

or "Print This Page" and send it to the address below with your payment:-

* Mandatory Fields

Need a Special Meal ? Standard Vegetatian Gluten Free Fish

Please "Submit Online" or return the completed form to :-

to be Confirmed nearer to the date.

(For those attending please, please either "Submit Online" or complete and print-out the form above, and send it with a cheque for £35.00 made out to BIOB, to the above address).

Due to expensive charges, we do not encourage the option to use PayPal.

Our preferred option is to pay by bank transfer, details below:-

Cost of £35.00 Sort Code = 30-15-52 Account = 03162233 Account Name = Birkenhead Institute Old Boys remember to include your name in order to identify the payment.

If paying by Bank Transfer, please send an email after doing the transfer to

Please make sure that your payment arrives with BIOB before close of business on Monday 3rd October 2022

Donations for the draw will be welcome.

Dress:- Jacket and Tie or Suit and Tie.

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