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Birkenhead Institute Old Boys

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Annual Dinner 2015

Held on Friday 2nd October 2015 19:30

Caldy Golf Club

In case you are thinking of attending the next dinner, and not sure of who might be going. Here is a list of those who attended the dinner in 2015. In total 63 people attended, listed below.

(D) = Since Deceased

Attendees Annual Dinner 2015

Name School Years Name School Years
Bill Bailes1974/80 David Ball1982/86
Jack Bassett1939/44 Dick Bell1931/38
Harry Burkett1942/48 Bill Coen1943/51
Norman Cooper1950/56 Brian Corfe1959/66
Jim Crowe1943/49 Mike Dalton1969/76
John Davidson1948/52 Len Davies1966/73
Keith Dutton1960/63 Glyn Evans1946/53
Peter Evans1951/59 Howard Finney1948/53
Steve Foulkes1971/74 Guy Freeman1972/79
Ian Galt1949/56 Allen Giles1966/73
Walter Girven1950/56 John Green1948/55
Robbie Harrison1970/74 & 79/80 Steven Hewitt1968/71
Les Highton1966/71 Gordon Hipkin1943/50
Tom Hodgson (D)1950/53 Arthur Howarth1959/66
Tom Howarth1961/68 Alun Hughes1966/73
Stu Huntriss (D)1935/40 John Jones1964/71
Newby Jones1946/54 Ian Kearvell1965/70
Ron Kirchner1944/49 Alan Lewis1966/73
Brian Lloyd1949/54 Malcolm Lynskey1966/71
Keith Martingell1960/65 Alan Mathews1953/59
David Mathews1950/57 Greg Pandit1972/78
David Petieunknown Derek Potter1949/54
Brian Riley1949/54 Philip Robinson1950/55
Billy Roe (D)1968/75 Phil Sheriden1972/78
Nigel Simms1973/77 Alan Steedman1955/62
Geoff Stephens1966/70 Terry Stonley1950/56
Chris Taylor1973/78 John Taylor1949/56
Bill Upton (D)1943/48 Alan Wakefield1973/79
Jeffrey Walsh1950/57 Campbell Weir1946/53
Denis Welch1962/69 Steve Williams1973/79
Rob Wood1954/60 Mike Worthy1966/71
Frank Wylie1946/51   
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