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2019 Pyke Cup

Last year (2019), as usual in recent years, the Pyke Cup was again played for at Caldy G.C.

The winner was Mike Hayman (1959/66).

2020 Pyke Cup

This year the competition will take place on the afternoon of October 2th before the Dinner at the Golf Club. It is an excellent afternoon’s golf on a well-prepared course.

As with last year’s dinner, I want to try and increase the numbers. If you have a friend or relative who played for the Old Boys (Football or Rugby), is not necessarily an Old Boy, and would like to play in the golf, then bring them along to the golf and dinner. They will not be eligible for the Pyke Trophy, but will be very welcome anyway.

It is anticipated that a special green fee in the order of £25 for non-members (of Caldy G.C.), as charged last year, can be arranged with the Club for this year’s competition.

It will take the form of a Stapleford Competition with full Handicap. At the moment, tee times are available from 12.02pm to 12.34pm, additional times can be arranged if required.

Mike Hayman (1959/66), a former captain at Caldy G.C. has kindly volunteered to organise this year’s event. Those wishing to play this year can contact Mike, by e-mail at: - or on 0151 334 1002. If out, leave your details on his answer phone and Mike will get back to you. Don't forget to leave your own phone number.

The golf is a pleasant outing in good company and enjoyed by all that play.

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