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Birkenhead Institute Old Boys

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World War 1 - Memorial

This is a list of the Old Boys who gave their lives in the Great War. Names are taken from the School Memorial Plaque, currently located in the stairwell of the Birkenhead Central Library.

There seems to be a discrepency between the number of names on the original plaque, (83), and the accepted number (88) of old boys who gave their lives. Thanks to Alun Hughes (1966/73) and Les Highton (1966/71). I now have all 88 names in the table. There are also some discrepencies in names and initials, see list.

Special thanks to Alun Hughes (1966/73) and Les Highton (1966/71) for the huge amount of energy they have put in to researching and documenting these Old Boys.

Look at Birkenhead Institute Whetstone Lane Roll of Honour 1914-1919 hosted by the Imperial War Museum

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Old Boys Fallen 1914-1918 War - Alphabetical Order

Name Service Year
Keyser Atkin Capt. R.A.M.C. 1918
E.P. Beaumont M.C. Capt. 17th. K.L.R. 1917
A.C. Beer Corp. M.G.C. 1917
Norman Bell Lt. Ches. R. R.F.C. 1917
H.G. Bickley Lancs. Hussars 18th. K.L.R. 1917
E. Breuninger 2/Lt. London Scottish 1917
P.D.S. Broad Canada P.P.L.L. 1916
T.H. Broad Lt. 137th. Canadian I. 1918
W.E.L. Broad Lt. 5th. Canadian I. 1917
Donald M.C. Brown 286th. Brig. R.F.A. 1917
Frank Bunnell 8th. K.O. R.L.R. 1916
H.T. Burns 1/4th. Cheshire R. 1915
A.L. Calvert 2/7th. L.F. 1917
W.M. Campbell Lt. 9th. R.I.R. 1916
P.F. Cannon 26th. R.F. 1916
J.C. Chandler 2/Lt. 17th. Ches. R. 1916
E. Clarke 1st. K.L.R. 1916
H.E. Coates Major K.L.R. 1917
Harry Davies 8th. K.L.R. 1917
T. Stanley Davies 26th. R.F. 1916
Albert Dodd Lt. R.A.F. 1918
R. Dodd Australian E.F. 1916
C.H. Easton Sgt. 20th. K.L.R. 1916
F. Edwards 2/6th. K.L.R. 1917
C. Leslie Evans 5th. K.L.R. 1916
R.H. Falla S.Sgt. A.S.C. 1915
William Fitton M.M. Lt. R.A.F. 1918
George H. Foster 2/Lt. R.E. 1918
C.R. Fraser 2/Lt. 4th. K.L.R. 1918
W.E. Galloway Lt. 4th. R.W.F. 1917
J.H. Good H.M. Transport "Pancras" 1917
Ernest G. Goy Lt. R.F.C. 1917
Malcolm Guthrie 17th K.L.R. 1916
Percy Hancock 20th. K.L.R. 1916
J. Harper 2/Lt. 3rd. Cheshire R. 1918
W.L. Harris M.C. Capt. 9th. R.S. 1916
A.H. Hindle Lt. W.L. Artillery 1917
H.V. Hughes Sgt. 20th. K.L.R. 1916
H. Vernon James Lt. East Anglian R.F.A. 1917
Edgar C. Jones Australian E.F. 1916
Fred Jump 2/10th. K.L.R. 1917
Charles A. Lewis Lt. R.N.D. A.I.S. 1918
Angus MacDonald 1/10th. K.L.R. 1915
A.C. MacLean Australian E.F. 1915
Cedric Marshall Wireless Operator 1918
E.M. McGill Sgt. 1/6th. K.L.R. 1916
T. McNaught 1/10th. K.L.R. 1915
F.I. Mercer Sgt. 9th. Northants R. 1917
J.C. Meredith Lt. R.F.A. 1918
E. Donald Miller 1/10th. K.L.R. 1917
* W.E. Miller 28th London (Artists Rifles) 1917
C.E. Neale Royal Warwicks 1917
John Nixon Sgt. 11th. K.R.R. 1916
* W.J.M. Nicholson Qm. Sgt. Cheshire Reg. 1918
Wilfred T. Owen M.C. Lt. 2nd Manchester R. 1918
A.O. Owens Lt. 15th. R.W.F. 1918
* J.G. Paterson Sergeant K.L.R. 1915
A.G. Paul 2/Lt. 2nd. K.L.R. 1917
C.T. Pearson Lt. K.E.H. & R.F.A. 1917
Richard Pell 26th. R.F. 1916
G.B. Pollexfen B.A. 1/10th. K.L.R. 1915
W.C. Poole 172nd. Rocky Mt. Rangers 1918
* H.J. Pugh Sgt. K.L.R. 1917
Harry Raby Lt. R.N.R. HMS "Ramsey" 1915
S.V. Radcliffe R.N.D. 1915
E.R. Ratcliffe-Gaylard 2/Lt. 1/5th. D.C.L.I. 1916
Harold Ridgeway Lt. 3rd. East Lancs. R. 1917
Gomer S. Roberts 1/4th. Cheshire R. 1915
J.H. Robinson R.E. & 9th. K.L.R. 1917
James Robinson 2/Lt. 9th. K.L.R. 1917
R.A. Robinson 1/10th. K.L.R. 1915
F.J. Schenkel Lt. East African E.F. 1917
Brayton Scott 10th. Ches. R. 1918
Albert Semmons Shropshire L.I. M.G.C. 1918
Ralph Seward Sgt. 21st. K.R.R. 1916
John H. H. Smith Despatch Rider R.E. 1914
L.C. Storey 2/Lt. R.A.F. 1918
Douglas Terry 17th. K.L.R. 1917
John S. Tuckett Sgt. R.A.F. 1917
Alexander Watson Canadian Infantry 1918
G.W. Watson 2/Lt. R.W.F & R.F.C. 1916
Mark S. Watson M.A. Lt. 4th. H.L.I. 1917
Ray Wilcox Capt. 3rd. L.F. 1919
* Bernard Hallet Williams 2/Lt. 5th. L.N.L.R. 1917
T. Glyn G. Williams 1st. R.W.F. 1916
T. Langley Williams 2/Lt. 5th. K.L.R. 1918
W.H. Williams 2/6th. Manchester R. 1917
G.H. Wilson 1/4th. East York R. 1918

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