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Birkenhead Institute Old Boys

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World War 1 - Memorial Plaque

This is the Great War School Memorial Plaque, currently located in the stairwell of the Birkenhead Central Library.

There seems to be a discrepency between the number of names on the original plaque, (83), and the accepted number (88) of old boys who gave their lives. I'm looking into this.

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WW1 Memorial Plaque John H. H. Smith S.V. Radcliffe Angus MacDonald G.B. Pollexfen B.A. T. McNaught R.A. Robinson R.H. Falla Gomer S. Roberts H.T. Burns A.C. MacLean Harry Raby Malcolm Guthrie John Nixon C. Leslie Evans Ralph Seward W.M. Campbell E.R. Ratcliffe-Gaylard R. Dodd E. Clarke Percy Hancock W.L. Harris M.C. P.D.S. Broad C.H. Easton H.V. Hughes Richard Pell T. Glyn G. Williams E.M. McGill T. Stanley Davies P.F. Cannon Frank Bunnell G.W. Watson Edgar C. Jones J.C. Chandler E. Donald Miller Mark S. Watson M.A. Norman Bell W.H. Williams H.E. Coates A.G. Paul James Robinson Harold Ridgeway W.E.L. Broad A.C. Beer Fred Jump E. Breuninger Douglas Terry Donald M.C. Brown C.T. Pearson Harry Davies J.H. Robinson W.E. Galloway F. Edwards F.J. Schenkel C.E. Neale F.I. Mercer E.P. Beaumont M.C. H.G. Bickley H. Vernon James A.L. Calvert Ernest G. Goy A.H. Hindle John S. Tuckett J.H. Good William Fitton M.M. T. Langley Williams T.H. Broad Alexander Watson J.C. Meredith Albert Dodd W.C. Poole Albert Semmons Wilfred T. Owen M.C. A.O. Owens J. Harper C.R. Fraser Charles A. Lewis L.C. Storey Cedric Marshall George H. Foster Brayton Scott Keyser Atkin G.H. Wilson Ray Wilcox

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