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Birkenhead Institute Old Boys

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Tie Tack / Lapel Badge

Photograph of Tie Tack

This is a photograph of the new tie-tack, which can also be used as a lapel badge, the badge is slightly larger than the cufflink badge, but is in the same style by the same manufacturer. These tie-tacks are now available, at a jaw-dropping price of only £5 each. If you want both the cufflinks and the tie-tack/lapel badge, then you only pay the postage charge once.

Don't forget to add the Postage & Packing per Order

(£3.00 postage in the UK)

(for overseas postage rates, please contact me at for a quote before placing your order)

Obviously, postage and packing does not apply for collection.

If ordering, our preferred option is to pay by bank transfer, details below:-

Sort Code = 30-15-52 Account = 03162233 Account Name = Birkenhead Institute Old Boys make sure you include your name so that we can identify the payment.

If paying by Bank Transfer, please send an email after doing the transfer to noting what it is you are ordering.

Due to expensive charges, we have withdrawn the option to use PayPal.

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