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Birkenhead Institute Old Boys

World War 2 - Memorial

This is a list of the Old Boys who gave their lives in the Second World War. Names are taken from the School Memorial Plaque, currently located in the stairwell of the Birkenhead Central Library. At the moment this is purely a list. In the future, the plan is to connect details to the individual names. There are currently 95 names on this list. This make take time, but I'll be working on it in the months ahead.

Old Boys Fallen 1939-1945 War
Ainley F.R.
Dent H.C.
Lees J.A.
Sargent A.E.H.
Arthur N.
Downing G.N.
Leyland R.
Smart T.
Ashton D.K.
Edwards G.R.
Lidgate R.
Smith A.
Austin H.
Forshaw M.D.
Malley D.G.
Smith J.
Barker D.R.
Freckleton J.Mc.
Malley G.E.
Sproat G.
Barker J.K.
Gallagher L.H.
Matthews E.J.
Sutherland R.G.
Barrett G.C.
Gibbons A.R.
McIvor H.A.
Sutton R.W.
Bartley E.L.
Gullan J.N.
McKenzie D.I.
Tarbuck R.D.
Beckett J.G.
Hadley G.F.
Meakin L.
Taylor C.F.
Billings J.A.
Hardie J.G.
Meneely R.R.
Todd C.G.
Black L.
Hardie W.R.
Moore S.
Tomlinson J.
Bozier H.J.
Harland R.A.
Moss A.
Townson F.B.
Bryan C.E.T.
Hayward P.
Ovens G.V.
Turner A.D.
Canday C.R.
Henshaw R.
Pegg E.F.
Ward H.L.
Casey W.A.
Hirst W.E.
Phoenix F.D.
Wilde R.
Clarke L.F.
Hughes S.
Poole W.H.
Williams A.C.
Coathup L.S.
Hunt G.A.
Pringle G.
Williams J.A.
Coffey C.
Iveson E.M.
Reekstin R.R.
Williams J.H.
Cooke J.K.
Jones L.W.
Rees N.W.
Williams T.H.
Cooper H.L.
Jones T.A.
Roberts V.H.
Wilson E.H.
Cooper J.K.
Jones W.E.
Rogers H.E.
Wilson H.E.
Crail W.D.
Jones W.H.
Rollins P.F.
Wood W.K.
Cumming D.A.
Jones W.J.
Rowlands C.J.
Wylde P.R.
Dean K.W.
Leeman W.L.
Sampson J.D.