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Birkenhead Institute Old Boys

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World War 2 - Memorial

This page is dedicated to the memory of a single Old Boy who gave his life in World War II. The information given is as accurate as I can make it. If there are any anomalies in the information given, please let me know at

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Howard J. Bozier

Photograph of Howard J Bozier, Prefect 1934-1935 Photograph of Howard J Bozier, Prefect 1935-1936
Howard J Bozier - Prefect - 1934-35 Howard J Bozier - Prefect - 1935-36
Date of Birth 2nd. Qtr. 1917 Place of Birth Birkenhead
Date of Death July 1942 Age at Death
Father Howard B. Bozier Mother Dorothy Bozier (Metcalfe)
Parents Married Place Birkenhead Parents Married Date 3rd. Qtr. 1916
Started BI (Westminster) Left BI
Regiment Vessel - Donerail Unit
Service Number Rank
Joined Regiment Circumstance of Death
Cemetery At Sea Grave Location
Commemorated Memorial Location
Notes - Speech night 1937 awarded attendance certificate for 7 years not absent or late. Speech night 1936 Special Prize for Mathematics.

No records found on the Forces War Records website.

On December 9th, 1941, Japanese submarine I-10 (Cdr. Kayabara) is nearly rammed by accident by the unarmed Panamanian-flag motorship Donerail (Capt. Pii), 200 miles southeast of Hawaii, 08°00'N, 152°00'W. I-10 crash dives and torpedoes DONERAIL, but misses. Kayabara then orders the deck gun in action and fired 20 shells. One of the shells hit the starboard lifeboat, swung out for lowering, which held the passengers -- two women, 4 men and an 18-month-old boy. None survived. Of the 36 sailors and 7 passengers, only 24 crew were able to make it for the boats. After an incredible journey of 2500 miles and 38 days at sea, they finally reach Tarawa, Gilberts, but only 8 are still alive. Captain Pii was lost on this journey, when he fell overboard and was not able to reach the boat in heavy seas.

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