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Birkenhead Institute Old Boys

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Donate to BIOB WW1 War Memorial

The WW1 War Memorial located at the corner of Hamilton Square is now complete. All landscaping, and perimeter fencing, complete with a replica of the former archway at Ingleborough Road is now in place. Lighting to enhance night time viewing has now also been installed.

If you would like to make a donation to the Memorial Fund, possibly in memory of a loved one, then all donations will be gratefully received. If donating in memory of someone, please mention it in an accompanying message with the donation.

Wilfred Owen

The WW1 War Memorial located at the corner of Hamilton Square is often erroneously referred to as the "Wilfred Owen" memorial. This is NOT the title.

The statue is based on a drawing by D.S.W. (Dave) Jones, a former teacher, and a former Old Boy of Birkenhead Institute. This drawing was commissioned by T.J. (Jeff) Walsh, another former teacher and former Old Boy of Birkenhead Institute, who in 1963 during his teaching spell at the Birkenhead Institute, wrote "A Tribute to Wilfred Owen". This book featured the drawing on it's cover. The sculpture itself was titled "Futility" based on Wilfred Owen's poem of the same name.

Donate to BIOB General Fund

BIOB does not cost a lot of money to run. The major costs are the web site (approximately £100 p.a.), postage for the AdVisor newsletter (approximately £50 p.a.), and printing costs for same (approximately £100 p.a.). In addition, there are some costs associated with the Annual Dinner, (approximately £50 p.a.). The Annual Dinner usually makes a small operating loss.

On the plus side, this is usually compensated for by the generous donations made by members, which means that we usually break even, or even show a modest increase in reserves. Some of the other costs listed above are in fact taken care of by other donations or services.

The bank balance is currently very healthy, but any donations you make would be gratefully received.

If donating, our preferred option is to pay by bank transfer, details below:-

How to Donate

Sort Code = 30-15-52 Account = 03162233 Account Name = Birkenhead Institute Old Boys make sure you include your name so that we can identify the payment.

If paying by Bank Transfer, please send an email after doing the transfer to noting what it is you are donating.

Due to expensive charges, we would prefer NOT to use the PayPal option, but we are not removing it.

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