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Birkenhead Institute Old Boys

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World War 2 - Memorial

This page is dedicated to the memory of a single Old Boy who gave his life in World War II. The information given is as accurate as I can make it. If there are any anomalies in the information given, please let me know at

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John Nicol Gullan

Photograph of John Nicol Gullan - Prefect 1938-39
John Nicol Gullan - Prefect 1938-39
Date of Birth 4th. Qtr. 1921 Place of Birth Birkenhead
Date of Death 2nd. October 1942 Age at Death 20
Father William Gullen Mother Clarinda Napier Gullan (Thomson)
Parents Married Date 2nd. Qtr. 1919 Parents Married Place Birkenhead
Started BI Left BI (Tate)
Regiment Glider Pilot Regiment, A.A.C. Unit 4 Glider Training School, Kidlington
Service Number 1476696 Rank Corporal
Aircraft Type Hotspur HH 227 Circumstance of Death Glider Landing Accident
Cemetery Flaybrick Grave Location Sec. 1. Non-Conformist Grave 16a
Commemorated Memorial Location
Notes - 1938 Captain of Games, Prefect, Captain of Tate House, Captain of Rugby 1st. XV.

Appears to have joined the Royal Artillery before transferring to the RAF.

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